Convenient and reliable airport transfers Melbourne wide

I’ve always been pretty bad with flying so in an attempt to combat this I’m pretty meticulous with every detail. One of the things that has really helped in alleviating my stress is booking a chauffeur that specialises in airport transfers Melbourne residents can be confident in. Whether the flights at 3pm or 6am, VHA

Ensure workplace safety and book in manual handling training

As the director of a retirement village, it is of the utmost importance to me that my staff are well trained and prepared to adequately care for our residents. Of course I try to hire the best possible staff for the job, however, added training really can never go astray. One of my biggest concerns

Some of the best organic coffee Australia has on offer

I’d always joked to my friends that only rich people can afford morals. Despite making an effort to buy and consume the best quality food for my health, it always seemed to be a case of organic alternatives being far beyond my financial reach. In an effort to keep trying, I looked to something small

Get the best breast implants Melbourne cost for you

Overall, I’d like to think I am happy with my appearance. However, if given the opportunity to change one thing, it would most certainly be my breasts. When the rest of my peers began to develop, my breasts stayed the same, which definitely shook my confidence at such a young age. If I’m honest, implants

Be prepared for your driving test NSW wide

To be honest, I’d never really had a reason to get my driver’s license, though when I did find a reason, it was definitely thanks to Excel Drive that I was able to get it. I know that might sound odd, but I’d always been pretty content with public transport, and when I wasn’t, my

Repeat after me – Splashbox for Melbourne web design

I like to think I’ve got an eye for design. No talent when it comes to producing anything, mind you, but I definitely have an eye for it. A friend of mine is launching a new website for her business and needed some design work done. I knew exactly where to send her. Splashbox, a

Vending machines Melbourne wide, all thanks to SVA Vending

I ran a franchise a little while ago, before retiring to enjoy my days down by the beach on the peninsula. Nothing huge, a small chain of ice cream stores throughout the city. Funnily enough, half the time our vending machines were more popular than our flavours of ice cream. We got them all from

Where else would you look for truck trailers for sale?

I started my business from the ground up. When we started out we had one used truck and trailer and about four employees. There were definitely times that felt hopeless, but when we started to pick up boy did we shoot up. We’ve increased our fleet and employee size and business is booming. So when

Super Spa Melbourne

A great spa is something you just have to have in every city. I travel all over the world for work and that is just the life of a consultant. I make good money and love what I do but it all just plays havoc on my body. Finding me time is the only cure

Beautiful Bathroom Vanities Melbourne

A great bathroom can make a small apartment. There’s not much to separate these little apartments these days but a great bathroom is certainly something that catches the eye. We noticed that when we were looking at places and realised it was a way to really improve the place we ended up buying. We didn’t