Super Spa Melbourne

A great spa is something you just have to have in every city. I travel all over the world for work and that is just the life of a consultant. I make good money and love what I do but it all just plays havoc on my body. Finding me time is the only cure

Safer Container Storage Gold Coast

Some people put old junk in storage and it just blows my mind. I suppose it’s affordable but if you don’t need something for years at a time I’d say you probably don’t need it at all. I use storage for some pretty valuable art because I have become a bit of a collector. It

Beautiful Display Homes Mernda

The only difference between display homes and other homes these days is price. I love that Melbourne has so many different lifestyles to choose from. These days there are great options for inner city living and older neighbourhoods with beautiful town houses. There’s every kind of suburb to choose from whether you want to be

All Star Wedding Videographer Sydney

You don’t here the term all star thrown around that much anymore but it’s really the best word to describe C2 Video. They had a team of about 6 covering our wedding from start to end, including all the pre discussions and planning all the way through to the final edits. We knew when we

Quick and easy interstate removals thanks to McClure’s

Interstate removals. Sounds easy, right? Well, not always. My wife and I recently said goodbye to our daughter when she moved to NSW from uni. While we were sad to see her go, the situation wasn’t helped when we realised how difficult it can be to ship things interstate. The companies that could do it

Heard of professional indemnity insurance? Neither had I…

Up until a month ago, I’d never heard of professional indemnity insurance before. I work as a professional, and have done so for a couple of years now so I was a little shocked to realise how important it was and that it was something I should look into asap. A colleague of mine suggested

Naturalizer for online shoe shopping

I never used to be a fan of online shoe shopping. In fact, I used to be hesitant towards all forms of online shopping. I’d always been more of a touch and feel kind of person – I’d never buy clothes or shoes without seeing them or trying them on first. That changed when a

Ever heard of hydronic heating?

I work as a carpenter and we’re currently building a huge new home for a client. They’ve really gone all out. One thing I noticed when we were putting up the frame was what seemed to be a series of hundreds of narrow pipes laid out on the floor before the concrete slab went down.

Novo Shoes are number one

I was at a shopping centre just before Christmas, and the crowds were unbearable. Why I left my Christmas shopping until the very last minute I’ll never know, but I swear I was competing in stores with thousands of other people – I couldn’t move an inch. I swore that from now on, I’d do

Quality Car Hoist for Sale

We had a quality car hoist for sale for over a year before we finally found someone to buy it. We were looking to offload it in the end, to private enthusiasts because it was no longer enough for our needs and for the needs of most commercial workshops. We’d spent enough time in and