Fast Door Repairs Melbourne

We had to close off a building site because the fire door had been damaged and we couldn’t get it fixed fast enough. We called several companies and none could send someone out immediately except Ultimate Doors. On a building site, every day of lost productivity can cost you a small fortune but so can

Designer Jeans for Designer Bodies

God is the original designer. Whatever your religious allegiances you’ll have to accept that it’s easier to change your clothes than to change our bodies. Fortunately there’s Nobody Denim and they make clothes, specifically designer jeans for the human body. I should say various human bodies because they have something for almost any shape, and

Great Forklifts

You need to invest properly in your machinery. Unsafe and unreliable equipment in a workplace is a constant cause of stress at the very least and often much worse. I’ve been in too many workplaces like that over the years and fortunately, I now run my own business. As an operator you get to decide

Melbourne Mobile Mechanics 101

I had the day off yesterday and decided to try my hand at working on the car. I bit off more than I could chew of course, and got my self into a right mess. In these situations, and they happen occasionally, I usually just take my car down to the shop. This time the

Plus Size Wedding Dresses from the Designer Bridal Room

It was so nice walking in to the designer bridal room and not feeling like the only thing they could do for me was wrap me in the curtains and send me on my way. The truth is what most companies call plus size wedding dresses are actually not that plus size or simply not

Kitchen Showrooms the Place to Start

Home magazines or the Internet can only tell half the story. To really get quality inspiration and see ideas in action you need to spend some time in quality kitchen showrooms. My favourite has to be The Kitchen Design Centre, which always seems to have something new on display and is punctuated with practical, affordable

Dual Roller Blinds for Double the Protection

When I thought about roller blinds, the words cheap, annoying and poor quality come to mind. Roller blinds I had used in the past always let the sun in, were see-through and offered little privacy. However, Blockout Blinds has changed the face of roller blinds with their top quality dual roller blinds, which offer extra

Dineamic Cooked Meals Delivered

I like to eat local and there’s nowhere more local than home. Melbourne has some wonderful restaurants but I’ve rarely got the energy for all the fuss and who wants to pay $50+ all the time for a meal that essentially does the same thing a $10 meal would. It’s horses for courses in the

PPC Herbs’ natural thrush treatment really works

As a long term user of the contraceptive pill, I’ve had a fair few bouts of thrush over the years. It’s an uncomfortable topic, but it’s even more uncomfortable to experience thrush before it’s treated. I personally try to limit my intake of medicines, choosing natural remedies wherever I can. I feel that if there’s

We love our new home – thanks again, House and Land Packages Melbourne!

It seems as though it’s getting increasingly difficult to find a balance of suburban city life and country living. My partner and I both love the city, yet the two of us always seem to drive out to the country every other weekend, and we can’t seem to decide which we actually prefer. Well, turns